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 Bespoke Bodywork & Wellness Programmes 
Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Ayurveda
& CBD Treatments for
 Physical & Emotional Healing 
 Relax - Restore - Rejuvenate
Personalised facials on request  

About Loretta

Following a successful career in music, working as a London based freelance therapist Loretta Heywood has over 22 years experience in Deep Tissue body work, healing  and Ayurveda, she has now fined tuned her therapies using a Intuitive approach with personalised prescriptive treatments including Reflexology if required.

Focusing on client needs, aims and goals, her in depth knowledge of face & body types, and overall health make her treatments unique, personal and expertly tailored with each consultation.


Loretta really understands what is achievable. She identifies a problem and targets with precision, pulling from a fountain of knowledge and expertise in hands on work including a intuitive combination of deep tissue work Ayurveda ,Pranic healing & reflexology.
*With the bonus of offering honest dietary and lifestyle guidance for transformational healing and results.



Reflexology Therapy
Back Massage


Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet (or the hands). Reflexology is generally relaxing and may help alleviate stress. 

Manual Lymphatic Body Sculpt - Anti cellulite

A gentle MLD treatment  combined with a vigorous anti cellulite massage to stimulate the body's lymphatic system, improving metabolism, assisting the body to eliminate waste & toxins and boosting the body's immune system.

Kloris CBD Oil Massage 

A Kloris CBD prescriptive Massage creates a physical and energetic release, using the entire range of Kloris pain relief balms and Oils to provide you with  a unique & powerful  treatment targeting muscular & emotional tension ,body pain ,anxiety & stress

Restorative Healing
& Deep Tissue Massage

A deeply healing massage to release tension, rebalance, restore and rejuvenate the body and mind 

Mauli Experience & Ayurveda

The ultimate in sublime healing and soothing Facials. Using the award winning Mauli Facial serum


Zone Face Lift

The Zone face lift not only gives you a fantastic natural face lift and collagen boost but also offers spiritual healing through deep relaxation

Bespoke Deep Cleansing & Anti Aging Facial

A comprehensive facial using the latest technology to provide a deep cleansing restorative treatment specifically designed for you.


“Loretta is without doubt the best [therapist] I’ve had the fortune to discover. Aside from her exceptional massages, her in-depth knowledge of the [body-mind] and ongoing dedication as a practitioner, it’s her wholly supportive and healing energy and rare authenticity that make Loretta’s treatments second to none. I feel blessed to have met her.”

“Loretta’s approach to a Health Consultations is holistic.  She not only assesses your dosha/body type but seeks to understand your lifestyle drawing links to current or recurring challenges.  She is highly intuitive in feeling out where there might be imbalance and offers both wise and caring advice. Alongside this her Ayurvedic massages are a must have. to restore and heal.”

“She spends our sessions carefully massaging out any areas of tension as well calming my whole system. I would absolutely recommend Loretta, as she is an exceptional therapist who uses such a natural intuition that it simply cannot be learnt. I always leave the session feeling lighter, more tranquil and centred and I always look forward to our weekly sessions. I feel like I have found an absolute jewel in the myriad of treatments on offer in London.”

“Loretta has been extremely helpful to me at a very difficult time. She has treated my ongoing skin condition (eczema) with great kindness, compassion and sensitivity. She always adapts her hands-on facial treatments to suit my needs on the day and takes into consideration all aspects of my wellbeing, talking me through worries and anxieties that might be contributing to the overall problem. She has adjusted her use of oils as herbal preparations tend to cause flares in me, so she uses specific oils and creams in consultation with me and her hands are so gentle and intuitive that I am almost immediately relaxed!”

“I met Loretta for a preventive consultation to see how I could improve my diet to help my digestive system. I was curious to understand what Ayurveda was about. I learnt that Ayurveda is very much focused on one's digestion but will also allow you to understand what are the best things to optimize your wellbeing from physical and psychological point of views.  Loretta helps everyone make their diet adequate to their own lifestyle. She doesn’t believe in rigid diets or spiritual systems but instead will educate on what could be the cause for fatigue, anxiety, depression, minimize migraines, etc.

Loretta will help you ease into a routine and lifestyle that won’t be hard to implement based on your schedule, relationships, type of work, etc.”

“Seeing Loretta on a regular basis has become an important aspect of my life. Not only as a way of ensuring a bit of calm and coming back to oneself in a busy city, but also in terms of the amazing treatments she has on offer. In particular, her Ayurvedic massage has a way of soothing the mind, body and spirit in a personalised way, knowing which parts of the body need the most attention. Her attentiveness and listening skills mean that every session is tailored exactly to my needs at that point in time. After the sessions, I always feel immense relief and a sense of revival- ready to face busy life again! Also, Loretta has offered me immensely useful guidance in terms of nutrition, which I was struggling with- without ever telling me what to do/ what not to do, instead just carefully listening and offering suggestions accordingly. I'm super grateful to have her in my life!!”

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